Donkey Kong Audio Files

MIDIs will play in most sound and media programs with no problems. However if you want to play NSF, GBS, SPC and USF files you'll need a get a free plug-in for Winamp.

Game MIDI files Emulated sound files
Donkey Kong (NES) 9 KB 2 KB
Donkey Kong Jr (NES) 2 KB
Donkey Kong 3 (NES) 2 KB
Donkey Kong 94 (Game Boy) 30 KB  
DK Country (SNES) 199 KB dkc_ost_spc.rar 119 KB
DK Country 2 (SNES) 291 KB dkc2_spc.rar 671 KB
DK Country 3 (SNES) 83 KB dkc3_spc.rar 299 KB
Donkey Kong Land 122 KB 22 KB
Donkey Kong Land 2 12 KB  
Donkey Kong Land 3 19 KB  
Donkey Kong 64 459 KB 3.43 MB
Diddy Kong Racing 1 MB