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Donkey Kong Land 3 FAQ Version 1.0
Started on 11/2/99 by Earthshaker (
Copyright 1999 by Earthshaker

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Donkey Kong Land 3 is copyright Rare and Nintendo

--------------------------Table of Contents----------------------------

1. Revision History
2. Introduction
3. The Cast of Characters
4. Barrels O'… I Mean FOR… Monkeys!
5. Secret Codes
6. Thanks!
7. Repeat Warning!

-------------------------1. Revision History---------------------------

11/2/99- Version 1.0- The first version of this FAQ.  It will only 
include the cast of characters, what the different barrels do, and some 
secret codes I have found.  
I'll probably include how to beat all the bonus stages in the next 
version (Once I find them all over again.)

--------------------------2. Introduction------------------------------

Well, I love days off as much as anyone, but for some reason, today I 
was unnaturally bored so I decided to write this FAQ.  Donkey Kong Land 
3 is probably my favorite action game on the Game Boy, and besides, 
there were a few requests out about it.  Soooo… why not write a mini-

--------------------------3. The Cast of Characters--------------------


Dixie Kong- One of the two characters you can play directly at the 
start.  Her specialty is using her ponytail to its full advantage.  
Dixie is the smaller and lighter of the two Kongs, so she seems to run 
and swim quicker.  In the air, if you hold down B so she does her 
ponytail attack, she will lightly descend in a helicopter spin to the 
ground.  One more difference… she holds any barrels she picks up over 
her head with her ponytail, giving her an advantage against any 
overhead enemies.

Kiddy Kong- This is the other playable character.  Being larger, he can 
be hit more easily, but can defeat certain enemies (like Krumple) by 
stomping on their head, whereas Dixie can't.  His specialty is his 
roll, which can barrel through LOTS of enemies at a time, making him go 
quicker each time.  Also, if he rolls off of a hill, he'll continue 
rolling until a.- He hits the ground and stops, or b.- He does a midair 
jump that Dixie cannot.  One more difference… he holds barrels in front 
of him like a shield, giving him a frontal advantage.  

Ellie the Elephant- You can play as this character when you jump in an 
Ellie barrel.  Ellie runs faster than both of the Kongs, jumps a bit 
higher, and can shoot water out of his snout.  You end playing as Ellie 
when a.- You die, or b.- You cross a No Animal sign.  

Enguarde the Swordfish- You can play as this character when you swim 
into an Enguarde barrel.  Enguarde can swim much better than Dixie, and 
if you press A or B, can lunge at a character to impale it on his nose.  
The main disadvantage: Enguarde can't LEAVE the water.  You end playing 
as Enguarde the same way you do with Ellie.

Squitter the Spider- You can play as this character when you jump into 
a Squitter barrel.  Squitter is very short, about as short as when 
either of the Kongs duck.  Also, Squitter can throw webs.  To open a 
web to use as a quick stepping stone, you have to hit SELECT while the 
web is still in the air.  To find some bonus stages, Squitter is a 
necessity.  On a side note, if Squitter falls into water, it dies.  You 
end playing as Squitter the same way you do as with Ellie and Enguarde.

Squawks the Parrot- You can play as Squawks by jumping into a Squawks 
barrel.  Squawks main specialties are throwing eggs out of his mouth 
and flying, necessary to reach the end of certain stages.  The main 
disadvantage: Squawks does not have very good control, so you'll have 
to watch out when flying full speed at Buzzsaw Bees.  


Wrinkly Kong- Wrinkly Kong is a FRIEND, and whenever you find her 
(his?) refuge, you can save your game.  

Bear- Bear is another friend who has his eye on your bear coins.  
Getting enough bonus coins allows you to play a card game, in order to 
win balloons, bear coins, and clocks.  Pay him 2 bear coins when he 
asks, and he'll give you a hint on how to find a certain Bonus Barrel.  
Pay him 5 bear coins and he'll give you a ride on the teleporter, which 
moves you to another of the six AVAILABLE worlds.

Nid- Nid is something that looks like a crab under a lilypad, popping 
up in some of the tree levels.  Although the cast of characters at the 
end of the game announces him as an enemy, he's harmless.  He helps you 
get a lift up when you stand on him.
Now for the enemies…

Sneek- This rat is annoying, and hurts only if you touch it without 
attacking.  To kill it, bounce on it or attack it.

Rekoil- This Kremling is a Tigger wannabe.  He bounces around and 
around on his springy tail.  Be careful, in certain levels he is the 
same shade of gray as the background.

Buzz- You can't attack this annoying bee normally: you have to either 
throw a barrel at it or hit it with a special attack from one of the 
animal friends.

Niknak- This is another bug, but unlike Buzz, can be killed by bouncing 
on it.  Bouncing on a few of these in a row sometimes gives you passage 
to a bonus level.

Krimp- This huge dog has a ton of sharp teeth, so the only ways to kill 
it normally are by bouncing on it or attacking it from BEHIND

Skidda- This is a slow-moving Kremling that is skidding on the ice, 
trying desperately to regain control.  He's harmless, unless you're 
stupid enough to walk into him.  

Kobble- Another slow-moving Kremling, but this actually walks.  Not 
really a threat unless you walk right into it.  

Koco- The first of the aquatic enemies, this is annoying in the way 
that it always will swim in narrow passages.  Kill it by impaling it 
with Enguarde.

Bounty Bass- The second of the aquatic enemies, it is even LARGER then 
Koco, yet still guards narrow passageways!  Ouch.  Kill it with 

Bazza- The third (and rarest) of the aquatic enemies, these sharks come 
out of coral pipes in the walls of all-water levels.  Avoid these 
entirely, I'm not sure if Enguarde can kill 'em…

Lurchin- The fourth (and most dangerous) of the aquatic enemies, this 
sea-urchin-like-thingiemajiggy will open and close repeatedly while 
swimming.  When it is closed, it is invulnerable, but when it is open, 
that is the time to impale it with Enguarde.  In order to kill the 
first boss, Barbos, you have to launch Lurchins at it.  

Booty Bird- This extremely fat bird is like a Niknak, in the sense that 
it is harmless unless you hit it from below.  When you kill one, it 
will float around the screen wildly like a balloon, damaging you if you 
hit it.  It almost ALWAYS leaves behind a bunch of bananas after death, 
with a few exceptions when it leaves behind K O N G letters instead.  

Krusha- This is the first of the cowardly enemies that hide in a 
barrel.  This one runs at you, and when it hits you, makes you bounce 
away.  If you stomp on its hands coming out of the barrel, it will fall 
in, allowing you to pick up the barrel.  

Kachuka- This is the second of the cowardly enemies that hide in a 
barrel.  These are unbeatable and dangerous, because they throw bombs 
at you from inside their barrels.  Unlike with Krusha, you can't pick 
up the barrels they hide in.

Klasp- This is the last of the cowardly enemies hiding in a barrel.  
These are only found on horizontal ropes, but kill off your Kong if you 
touch it.  The only way to beat these is by either sacrificing a Kong 
to hit one or hitting one with a barrel or special attack.  

Bristles- This porcupine is no fun.  It's like a Sneek, but is covered 
in sharp quills.  The only way to beat it normally is to roll or whip 
into it while it is facing you.  

Krumple- This bulky Kremling can't be rolled or whipped into.  You have 
to kill it by either bouncing on its head with Kiddy, or by hitting it 
with a special attack.

Lemguin- This annoying penguins pop out of holes in the ground in ice 
areas.  They are easy to avoid, but the constant flow of them is 

Minky- These unbeatable monkeys throw coconuts at you from the insides 
of trees in tree levels, making them extremely annoying and dangerous 
on vertical ropes. 

Kopter- This wildly spinning Kremling has a helicopter blade underneath 
it.  It tries to fly into you, but will die if it hits the ground or is 
stomped on.  

Bazuka- As the name implies, this Kremling carries a bazooka that 
shoots barrels at you.  You can use these barrels as a lift up by 
jumping on them, but you can't use 'em to beat this Kremling… it's 

Karbine- This weird bird thing takes a deadly crap on your head.  Well, 
it might not be bird crap, but it drops SOME giant ball of some unknown 
substance on you.  In the level Krazy Kaos, one of these operates a 
giant robot.  

Koin- This enemy holds the DK coin of the level as a shield.  To defeat 
it, you have to throw a metal barrel off the wall and have it rebound 
into Koin's back.  When he is defeated, he'll drop the DK coin.  Keep 
in mind that in certain areas, you'll find the DK coin floating around 
somewhere rather than finding a Koin.


Barbos- This is a giant Lurchin, so big that the game doesn't even show 
half of its body.  You start off as Enguarde, and Barbos starts out by 
launching a slow-moving, closed Lurchin at you.  After the Lurchin 
flashes and stops, it will begin open and closing.  While it is open, 
impale it.  It will go flying at Barbos, who will be damaged.  Barbos 
then shoots out three closed Lurchins like a spreadfire gun, then 
another Lurchin that chases you, faster this time.  Repeat as with the 
first Lurchin, and Barbos will repeat his cycle.  Be careful, the last 
Lurchin is really fast, and you'll have to swim in circles around it to 
get it to stop.  After Barbos launches one more spreadfire attack, 
he'll decide he's had enough and leave, giving you a bonus coin.  

Bleak- This magician is probably the easiest boss in the game.  Jump 
onto the cabin roof, and jump every time he launches a magic ball at 
you.  After he launches all of his magic, pick up the barrel that 
appears and wing it at him.  Repeat over and over, and it'll die and 
give you a bonus coin.  Yawn…

Arich- This spider starts off by shooting two poisonous, tiny balls at 
you.  Once the balls finish rebounding around the tree, Arich will 
swoop down on one of the sides.  Take this opportunity to stomp it from 
above.  It will begin bouncing up and down around the floor of the 
tree.  After it's done bouncing, it will launch more balls, then swoop 
down, then get stomped on, then launch more balls… well, you get the 
picture.  After its fourth bouncing fit, it will fall out of the tree 
and give you a bonus coin.

Kaos- This boss took me a while to beat, but only because I couldn't 
get to its weak point without getting hurt.  To start off, it swoops 
down and slowly moves from side to side inside the arena.  Duck, and it 
will pass right over you.  Then, two little needle things pop out from 
its side, along with a boxing glove out of one side.  Avoid the side 
with the boxing glove and jump on the other needle, then quickly jump 
onto the top of the robot.  The robot will respond by swooping down to 
the floor and moving quickly from side to side.  You can't duck under 
this, so jump repeatedly.  When it stops, it will repeat its process, 
only it moves faster, so you have to have split-second reflexes to 
bounce on his head.  You'll know Kaos is about to go belly up when it 
does its swooping attack high in the air.  After it's done doing that, 
it will fall and give you a bonus coin. 

K. Rool- K. Rool will start out by moving over to the left of the arena 
and firing a high overhead laser blast.  Then, it will move over to the 
other side and launch another blast.  After that, a barrel will appear.  
You know what to do!  After he's hit, he'll bounce around and around, 
much like Arich.  When he recovers, he'll do a different path of laser 
attacks.  One high, one middle (duck under it), and one low (jump over 
it).  After that, it will swoop to the other side and repeat.  Another 
barrel will appear.  After the bouncing fit that ensues from the barrel 
to the cranium, he'll launch his most dangerous pattern.  Three quick 
moving ground bolts, then a swoop along the ground, then another three 
quick ground shots.  If you can survive them, another barrel will 
appear.  After the bouncing fit, he'll go into his last phase.  One 
high blast, two low blasts, another high blast, a high swoop, another 
high blast, two low blasts, and another high blast.  Hit him, and after 
the bouncing fit he'll die and give you a bonus coin.  Then, the cast 
of characters will appear!  After the list is done scrolling, you'll be 
allowed to enter the Lost World (and no, it isn't the place where 
dinosaurs roam!)

K. Rool revisited- This battle is so much of a pain to get (you need 
all the DK coins and the 6 clocks, which means you need all the bonus 
coins!), and even more of a pain to defeat.  I felt lucky to beat it 
once.  I can only tell you that this time, there are pits on the ends 
of the arena, and K. Rool will use bombs in addition to lots of laser 
blasts and low swoops.  As with before, avoid every attack he throws at 
you and a barrel will appear.  If K. Rool falls into a pit, it won't 
kill him, unlike if you do.  After K. Rool loses this battle, he'll 
lead you to his secret arena where you can challenge the best times of 
certain levels.  I've never beaten them all, so I can't tell you what 
happens after that…

-------------------4. Barrels O'… I mean FOR… Monkeys!-----------------

This section tells about all of the barrels you can find around Donkey 
Kong Land 3.  I might miss some of these because I'm committing them 
from memory, so Email me if you know of any more.

DK Barrel- If your partner was killed, he or she will be found in this 
barrel.  Run into the barrel to break it open and find him or her 

Normal Barrel- These barrels can be picked up and thrown at anything, 
but break upon impact.

Enemy Barrel- These contain one of the three cowardly Kremlings.  The 
only one you can pick up is Krusha's, but when you do, it acts like a 
normal barrel.  

Metal Barrel- These barrels are unbreakable, and are NECESSARY to 
defeat Koin.  If you lose one due to dropping it down a pit, it will 
reappear in the place where you found it.  By the way, you can pick up 
a rolling Metal Barrel as if you picked it up while stationary.

Bonus Barrel- Jumping into this barrel launches you to a bonus stage, 
where the object is to find a bonus coin.  

Warp Barrel- Jumping into one of these rare, hidden barrels launches 
you into a secret shortcut that will both give you many lives (it's 
filled with balloons) and a shortcut to right next to the end-of-the-
level flag.  I've found two, both in factory stages.  If you can tell 
me where more are, Email me.  

Launch Barrel- Jumping into one of these barrels will launch you in the 
direction that barrel is pointed
Directional Barrel- These barrels are the same as Launch Barrels, 
except you can control which direction you wish to be launched in.  

Rocket Barrel- Jumping into this barrel will first launch the barrel 
upward with a rocket booster, then launch YOU upward.  

Sideways Barrel- Jumping over this barrel makes it follow you, shooting 
you up and down repeatedly.  The barrel follows you underneath until it 
reaches a certain point where it can't reach you anymore.

Enguarde Barrel, Squawks Barrel, Ellie Barrel, Squitter Barrel- All 
four of these barrels turn you into the respective animal.  

-----------------------------5. Secret Codes---------------------------

Both of these secret codes are input during the title screen (where 
Kiddy is chasing Dixie)

Up, Up, Down, Left, Right- Play a Bear card game.

Down, Down, Up, Left, Right- Have infinite lives in the game.

Any more codes?  Send 'em to me.  I'll give you credit in the thanks 
section for 'em

----------------------------6. Thanks!---------------------------------

Thank you, Rare and Nintendo, for combining forces to create a really 
great game for the Game Boy.

Thank you, Nintendo Power, for helping me find the Infinite Lives code.

Thank you, myself, for spending an hour to write this.

------------------------7. Repeat Warning!-----------------------------

Copyright 1999 by Earthshaker

Anyone may print out this FAQ on a normal printer, but if you place 
this anywhere or alter it in any way without my permission and/or this 
disclaimer intact, there will be some serious legal trouble.  However, 
if I DO give you permission to place/alter this FAQ, BE SURE TO GIVE ME 
CREDIT WHEREVER IT IS DUE.  If there are any questions, comments, 
complaints, and whatnot, send them to me ( 

Oh, and one more warning.  If this FAQ is found anywhere else aside 
from this site ( E-mail either me or CjayC or both