DK64 - Donkey Kong 64

DK 64 box
DK64 FAQ by Master Vega

Kaptain K. Rool and the kremlings are back. All the kongs are imprisoned except Donkey Kong, and the entire hoard of golden bananas are gone (again). Interesting that crystal coconuts appear in the game, I'm curious if they used the idea from the animated TV show. The original DK arcade game and Jetpack (an old game by Rare) are playable in the game.

special move

coconut shooter

bongo blast

Gorilla Grab

You finally get to play as Donkey Kong again, not since the first DKC has he been a playable character. The only kong not locked up, you start off with this ape and look for the others. DK 64

peanut popgun

guitar guzump

Chimpy Charge

Diddy returns. (I thought only Dixie new the how to play the guitar).Diddy

feather bow

saxophone slam

Ponytail Twirl

The smallest and fastest, Tiny, who uses her pigtails to clobber kremlings (similar to Dixie).Tiny

pineapple launcher


Primate Punch

The strongest and largest of the bunch, new comer Chunky.Chunky

grape shooter (blowgun)

trembone tremor

Grape Shooter

The only orangoutang of the group, Lanky, uses his long arms for attacks (they also make him the best swimmer).Lanky

Other non-playable characters include: Cranky (who I believe should of been a playable character), Candy and Funky.


King K Rool
King K. Rool

Other Bosses

Army Dillo
Dogadon (dragonfly)
Mad Jack (jack-in-the-box)
Puftoss (puffer fish)

N64Nintendo released a special "jungle green" N64 (& controller) along with the "banana yellow" Donkey Kong game pak.

Game features

  • Lots of mini games- boat races, slot car races, kremling target shooting
  • 1st person barrel blasting & mine cart stages (reminiscent of DKC)
  • Multiplayer modes
  • 1 to 4 player Donkey death match
  • rumble pak support