Donkey Kong Country 2

Diddy's Kong Quest

SNES (1995)

DKC2 Codes

donkey kong country 3

Rare knew better than to make a complete rehash of the original and to not make the sequel completely new also. So they kept some old things and added more new stuff. This time the battle is in the Kremlings territory. All the Kremlings looked like pirates, complete with hooks, peglegs, bandanas, and eye patches. Dixie, Wrinkly, and Swanky were new, along with some new animal characters as well. You could now throw your partner at enemies, Dixie could hover and the animals had special power moves. ACM had advanced to the point where they could render hair, although not real noticable on the SNES, it provided better artwork. There are many more objects to collect, along with a more challenging Lost World. 47 levels plus tons of bonus rooms. Five million copies were sold.

Dixie and Diddy fighting a KremlingPros: Longer and more challenging than the original, Sound Effects and Background Music are very high quality.

Dixie Kong on EngardeCons: Can't play as Donkey Kong.