Donkey Kong Country 3

Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

SNES (1996)

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donkey kong country 3

The third game of the trilogy, Rare had decided to put new designers, artists and programmers to work on this game so it would not be just a rehash of the previous games. The balance of the original, one large character and one small, returned. Kiddy (who's name was decided over been Dinky Kong, Baby Kong, Tiny Kong, DJ Kong and Bibby Kong) replaced Diddy. This game has an adventure twist to it, in that you have to go around getting things and talking to the Bears. Vehicles are used to access different areas of the world map. The bonus game offers a unique 3D ball toss event in which you face Cranky. Along with trying to figure out how to beat Koin, to get the DK coin located in levels, this game has even more items to collect. ACM improvements and new and enhanced compression techniques, make the graphics of DKC3 outstanding. Less popular than the first two, due to the N64 recieving a lot of attention, 600,000 copies were produced. 48 levels and a bunch of bonus levels.


Dixie and Kiddy make a good team, Dixie can throw Kiddy to make him smash through weak floors, and she can even roll on him like a barrel. Kiddy can also do a roll jump and can even skim over the water by using it. Kiddy carries the barrel in front, like Diddy did, but has a underhand toss. A few new animal friends appear, along with a whole clan of Kremlings. The levels are much more interesting, such as the buzz-saw, target, rope-on-fire, beat the time, and many other levels.

Dixie Kong on Ellie the ElephantPros: Unique levels, rpg-element, the bosses are more complex, and the overall game is more challenging.

Kiddy KongCons: The artwork and sound isn't as interesting, and you still can't play as Donkey Kong.