Play Donkey John

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Use your arrow keys to move and space bar to jump. Press left to use lever.


Based on the 1982 Game & Watch Multi Screen version of Donkey Kong model number dk-52.

Donkey John (John Howard) is laying claim to East Timor's oil resources! Guide Xanana Gus-mario (Xanana Gusmao) up the oilrig, jumping the stolen barrels of oil and activate the International Crane of Justice to bring greedy Donkey John down. Created by social justice campaigner Joe Broughton-Dent to help raise the profile of the Timor Sea Justice Campaign, Donkey John is as much political cartoon as it is a game, using caricature and satire to reach a broad audience.

Donkey John's producer, Joe Boughton-Dent, was raised by clowns with a penchant for social justice. He learnt politics in the dry river beds of Central Australia and was forever bent by Mad Magazine. Now at twenty-five, he's learning to surf. Boughton-Dent currently lives in Australia, East Timor and Europe, so long as there is one of the following: a beach, good friends, cricket nets. His background is words.

All the coding, art and design on Donkey John was put together by the multi-talented Kaho Cheung and the ever unflappable Tom Spiers - 'the man can jot'.

Donkey John's ongoing efforts can be seen in East Timor's statistics. Average life expectancy is just 57 and one in ten children born today will die before the age of five.

Joe Boughton-Dent, source: Oxfam.

Producer/Concept: Joe Boughton-Dent
Coding and Design: Kaho Cheung
Characters and Background: Tom Spiers