Donkey Kong Jr (dj101)

Donkey Kong Jr.

26th of October 1982
How to play

Mario has Donkey Kong locked up in a cage.
Junior goes to help his papa. He has to evade snapjaws and attacking birds, and open the cage with four keys.

Control Buttons
Group of four at the left
Upper: Press to make Junior climb to upper trunk when he is grabbing the vines at the right of the screen.
Right: Press to move Junior to the right.
Lower: Press when Junior is on the vines and he climbs down.
Left: Press to move Junior to the left. (Also pressed simultaneously with Jump Button when Junior is ready to jump for key)
Jump Button is pressed to make Junior jump away from snapjaws. And pressed to jump for key or to grab a vine.

The beginning of the game
Press the GAME A or B key. The high score will be displayed while the key is pressed. When the key is released, the game starts.
Pressing the ACL switch or removing the batteries deletes the high score from memory.
A game is not interrupted even if TIME key or other GAME key is pressed during game play.
Game A is for beginners and average players. Game B is for the pros. In Game B, it requires more coordination, technique and timing.

dj101 box

When Junior evades a snapjaw, score 1 point. (No points are awarded when Junior jumps while holding a vine.)
When Junior jumps down from a vine just after a passing snapjaw, score 1 point. (When there is no vine next to the one Junior is holding he drops in an arc, not straight down.)
When Junior jumps at a fruit, it falls. if it hits a snapjaw on the upper trunk, score 3 points. If it hits a bird on the upper trunk, score 6 points. If it hits a snapjaw on the lower trunk, score 9 points.
When Junior grabs a key, 5 to 20 points are scored depending on how fast he does the job.
When Junior grabs 4 keys and free his papa, 20 points are scored.
Maximum display score is 999 points.

When Junior is hit by a snapjaw or bird, score 1 miss.
When Junior jumps for a key and misses, or when he moves too far to the left on the upper trunk, he falls to the lower left of the screen. Score 1 miss.
When a miss is made, Junior will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. With three misses, the game is over.

When game is left for about 5 minutes after game ends, time display returns automatically.

Bonus score
When score reaches 300 points, fanfare sounds and any miss marks indicated at that time are removed. If there are no misses when 300 points are reached, game goes into 'CHANCE TIME'. Score flashes and all points are awarded at double value until a MISS is made.

Thanks to Andy Cole's Games and Mikael Carlsson's Game & Watch Collection (which is unfortunately no longer online) for the images and information on Game & Watch handhelds.