Donkey Kong (dk52)

Donkey Kong

3rd of June 1982
How to play

Donkey Kong capture a beautiful girl and carries her into a building under construction. The brave carpenter, Mario comes to rescue her following them over the girders. Donkey Kong throws barrels at Mario to stop him. Knock the girder out from under Donkey Kong to save the girl.

Game is played on two screens. The barrels which Donkey Kong throws on upper screen roll down to lower screen. When Mario reaches top of lower screen, he emerges on upper screen.

Control Buttons
Button 1
If "PLUS" button is pressed at the top, when Mario is at the bottom of the ladder, he climbs the ladder.
Press the "PLUS" button on the right side to advance Mario to the right.
When Mario is at the top of the ladder, pressing the bottom of the "PLUS" button makes him descend.
Press the "PLUS" button on the left side to advance Mario to the left. When Mario is top of a ladder on the upper screen, pressing the left of the "PLUS" button throws in the switch of the crane.

Button 2 (Start & Jump)
After pressing the "START" button, Mario takes his starting position. During the game the "JUMP" button is used to make Mario Jump over the barrels. The same button makes Mario grab a crane hook to climb higher.

The beginning of the game
Press the GAME A or B key. The high score will be displayed while the key is pressed. When the key is released, the game starts.

    Pressing the ACL switch or removing the batteries deletes the high score from memory
    A game is not interrupted even if TIME key or other GAME key is pressed during game play.
    Game A is for beginners and average players. Game B is for the pros. In Game B, it requires more coordination, technique and timing.
For every barrel that Mario leaps over on the lower girder, one point is scored.
When Mario reaches the second girder, 2 points are earned for every barrel jumped.
When Mario cuts a wire that is holding the girder on which Donkey Kong is standing, points are awarded according to time from the start of the game, from 20 points to 5 points.
When all the supporting wires are cut and Donkey Kong falls, 20 points are earned.
Maximum display score is 999 points. (Sometimes 998 points). Any score over 999 point is rest to 0, and game starts again.


    When Mario is hit by a rolling barrel
    When Mario hits his head on iron moving overhead.
    When Mario is hit by barrel thrown from above by Donkey Kong
    When Mario jumps for crane hook and misses.
    When a MISS is made, that Mario disappears. Pressing "START" button sends the next Mario into action from the starting position. When the last Mario disappears, game ends.
    When game is left for about 5 minutes after game ends, time display returns automatically
Bonus score
When score reaches 300, fanfare sounds and one more Mario is restored to bullpen. If there are no misses when 300 points are reached, game goes into CHANCE TIME. Score flashes and all points are awarded at double value until MISS is made.

Thanks to Andy Cole's Games and Mikael Carlsson's Game & Watch Collection (which is unfortunately no longer online) for the images and information on Game & Watch handhelds.