Donkey Kong 64 Soundtrack

Donkey Kong 64 Soundtrack

Donkey Kong 64 soundtrack front cover Donkey Kong 64 soundtrack back cover

Release Date 1999

Soundtrack was released as Da Banana Bunch in the Europe. Another version similar to the US release was made by Media Play. There is a dedicated page to the DK 64 Rap.


MIDIs will play in most sound and media programs with no problems. However if you want to play NSF, GBS, SPC and USF files you'll need a get a free plug-in for Winamp.


  1. DK Rap
  2. DK Island
  3. Jungle
  4. Mine Cart
  5. Aztec
  6. Aztec Boss
  7. Klanky's Tune (misspelled - should be Cranky's)
  8. Toy Factory
  9. Candy's Tune
  10. Shipwreck
  11. Ship Boss
  12. Forest
  13. Forest Boss
  14. Funky's Tune
  15. Crystal Caves
  16. Ice Slide
  17. Spooky
  18. Hideout

Da Banana Bunch

Da Banana Bunch soundtrack front cover Da Banana Bunch soundtrack back cover

Doesn't have all the tracks the US Release has (many are renamed), plus it came with three bonus remix tracks and a Donkey Kong 64 Screensaver for Windows 95/98.

Tracks for Europe release

  1. Da Banana Bunch
  2. Jungle Madness
  3. The Sands of Mystery
  4. Fast & Furious
  5. The Mad Scientist
  6. Toys 'R' Alive
  7. Badaboom!
  8. The Clock in the Woods
  9. Rolling Rhapsody
  10. Hidden Waterfalls
  11. Haunted Bananas
  12. Kong-Clusion
  13. Da Banana Bunch (Vitamin B Remix)
  14. Jungle Madness (Krrrazy Kong Mix)
  15. The Sands of Mystery (Wet Version)
  16. DK 64 Screensaver for Win95/Win98 (not a song)

Media Play

DK64 soundtrack by Media Play front cover DK64 soundtrack by Media Play back cover

I'm not sure exactly where this release was distributed. The tracks are the same as the US release but have slightly different names.

Tracks for Media Play release

  1. DK Rap
  2. DK'S Island Theme
  3. Jungle Melody
  4. Manic Mine Cart
  5. Aztec Melody
  6. Boss Battle 2
  7. Kranky's Theme (misspelled - should be Cranky's)
  8. Factory Melody
  9. Candy's Theme
  10. Shipwreck Melody
  11. Boss Battle 4
  12. Forest Melody
  13. Boss Battle 5
  14. Funky's Theme
  15. Cave Melody
  16. Slippery Slide
  17. Castle Melody
  18. Krool's Theme (misspelled - should be K. Rool's)