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DONKEY KONG (arcade)
Taunt On the rivet levels (where you make Donkey Kong fall), position yourself very close to DK. Each time you jump in the air you'll get 100 points. This is sort of pointless (no pun intended) because as you're taunting DK, the bonus time counter keeps on dropping.
Fake-out fireballs On the rivet levels, if you find yourself trapped in by fireballs at the edge of the screen, jump off the edge of the level. Mario will "bounce back" after a short delay, during which the fireball may have moved elsewhere.
Stupid barrels (Japanese version only) In the barrel levels, barrels will never roll down the ladder you're climbing on as long as Mario's hand is touching a red girder. However, the barrels that DK throws straight down can still hit you.

DKC FAQ by Andy Eddy
"Darby Day Code"
Before starting a new game, go to the Game Select screen and highlight the "Erase Data" option. Press Down, A, R, B, Y, Down, A, and Y. If you enter the code correctly, you can change the music by pressing Select.
"Diddy Code"
Select a saved file. Go into any area that you've completed and lose all of your lives, then press any button to get off the "Game Over" screen. As soon as you see Cranky Kong on the screen press, Down, Y, Down, Down, Y. If done properly, you will go into an area where you can pick up three of any of the animal statues so that you can load up on extra lives in your choice of Bonus Stage. To keep the lives you collect here and resume your saved game, simply press Start to pause, then Select to exit this bonus area.
"Barral Code"
Before starting game, go to the Game Select screen and highlight the "Erase Data" option. Now press B, A, R, R, A, L. Then select a file and start playing. Caution! If the "Erase Game" option is flashing after you've entered the code, then the erase option is active and you'll erase whichever file you select. Press Reset and try the code again.
BAD BUDDY CODE Go to the Game Select screen and highlight the "Erase Data" option. Then press B, A, Down, B, Up, Down, Down, Y, and then A. If you have entered the code correctly, all you'll need to do is press the Select button to do a high five and regain control from the other player. This code only works in the Two Player Team Mode.
HIDDEN WARP As you walk between Coral Capers and Funky's Flights in the Kongo Jungle, tap the B button very quickly to skip ahead to Orang-Utan Gang in Vine Valley.
Easy continue: With one life remaining, enter a level that was previously completed and lose your life. Press any button at the game over screen to return to the Cranky Kong opening screen. Enable the "Practice Bonus Games" code and play the bonus games to earn a surplus of lives. Then, press Start to pause game play, and press Select to return to the place where the last life was lost.

DKC2 FAQ by ??
MUSIC TEST Start a new game file. On the Player Select screen, highlight the Two Player Contest option, then press Down on the Control Pad five times. An option labeled "Music Test" will appear. Press Left or Right on the Control Pad to scroll through the different types of music. There are 30+ soundtracks to listen to.
CHEAT MODE CODES Start a new game file. On the Player Select screen, press Down repeatedly, past Music Test, until Cheat Mode appears. If you want a bit more challenge, highlight "Cheat Mode" and press B, A, Right, Right, A, Left, A and X ("BARRALAX") to remove all of the DK Barrels in the game. Press Y, A, Select, A, Down, Left, A and Down ("YASADLAD") to start the game with 50 lives. If you enter both codes, you'll remove all DK Barrels and start with 50 lives. When you begin a new stage (except for boss stages) or return from a Bonus Area, you'll have both Diddy and Dixie, even if you lost one of them previously.
75 Kremcoins: Begin game play in Pirate Panic and enter K. Rool's cabin. Leave the cabin, jump over the two bananas, take the bunch that are on top of the barrels, and return to the cabin. Take the balloon, leave the cabin, jump over the same two bananas, grab the same bunch that were on the barrels, and return to the cabin. A token worth 75 Kremcoins should be inside.

DKC3 FAQ by Ian Maw

On the Game Select screen, use the L and R buttons to press: L, R, R, L, R, R, L, R, L and R. If you enter it correctly, Dixie will giggle. Then, use the Control Pad to enter any or all of the codes to the right.
LIVES = start game with 50 lives
MUSIC = access sound test
COLOR = change character colors
HARDR = activate extra hard mode
TUFST = delete Star Barrels
ASAVE = automatic save after each stage
WATER = 85 Bonus Coins in first waterfall
MERRY = change item icons
Extended music: Press L, R, A, B, X, Y at the game over screen.

SXYAOP          Infinite lives
PETANA          Start with 1 life
TETANA          Start with 6 lives
PETANE          Start with 9 lives
AEVAVSIA        Controllable jump
EAKOLSLG        Keep hammer for longer
SZZGTP          Infinite lives
PATLST          Start with 1 life
TATLST          Start with 6 lives
PATLSV          Start with 9 lives
AEKGAUIA        Controllable jump
EAVGVIAG        Faster single vine climbing
PAXIPAIA        Can fall onto platforms

DONKEY KONG (Game Boy 1994)
(also known as Donkey Kong 94)
DK94 FAQ by M. Gonzalez
Infinite Lives010343DA
Infinite Time 01FF11C7

DKL FAQ by XSceptor
Game Saving Collect the coins to spell K O N G and when you beat the level, you'll be able to save. It also automatically saves when you beat a boss.
To erase a saved game press SELECT, then A,B or START.
Jumping Tip If you're having trouble jumping over holes, try this. Walk toward the hole and over the edge. As soon as you start to fall, press the JUMP button and you'll clear the hole easily.
Infinate lives In World 1, level 8 enter the bonus stage just past the half-way point. Grab a 1-Up then leave the stage. You can now re-enter it, grab another 1-Up, and repeat the process as often as desired.
Here's how to beat the bosses.
World One: Wild Sting Fling: Start on the far left. Wait about one second. jump and hold right. Do this again. Go to the side that he came out of when you hit him. Jump to the other side. Continue this and you will beat him easily. Notice that he speeds up every time you hit him.
World Two: Seabed Showdown: Get in between the oyster boss and the oyster in the corner. wait till the boss oyster moves to the opposite corner, then move out of the way. His pearl will hit the oyster in the corner and bounce off, hopefully hitting him. Repeat this process to beat the boss. Notice that he speeds up every time you hit him.
World Three: Mole Hole Madness: Wait until the mole looks to an angle, then jump on him. his hard hat should be off so you can hit him. Repeat this process to beat him. Notice that he speeds up every time he is hit.
World Four: King K. Rool: There are different ways to beat this boss, but I selected the easiest method. Keep your distance, but keep him on the screen. Wait until he throws his crown. Jump over it and land on him. Run across the platform. Jump over him as he runs at you. Jump over the crown again and land on him. Do this a total of six times. Then, when you run acros the screen, DO NOT JUMP!! Run under him. Do this six times, then repeat the first process until he dies. (The first process is jumping over his crown and landing on him.) Notice that he, like the rest of the bosses, speeds up every time you hit him.
Secret Exit in Last Ice Level In the last ice level, before the boss, in world 1, there is a "secret exit".
1. When you enter the level, jump in the barrel cannon and press LEFT on the control pad while in the air. This will send you to a bonus.
2. Leave the bonus level, you will be warped to the edge of a cliff. 3. Roll off the left edge of the cliff while pressing LEFT on the control pad. You will fall into a secret exit.

DKL2 FAQ by Deranged
40 Banana Coins On the Game Selection screen, hold RIGHT or LEFT in front of the game you wish to play on, then press B, B, A, A. You should hear a chime if you did this right.
Forty-seven lives: Highlight any saved game at the file selection screen. Hold Left or Right and quickly press A,A,B,B. A sound will confirm correct code entry.
All Kremcoins On the Game Selection screen, hold RIGHT or LEFT in front of the game you wish to play on, then press A, B, A, B. You should hear a chime if you did this right.
Deleting Saved Games To delete a saved game, press START + SELECT at the Load Game screen.
Exit Completed Levels In completed levels you can press START + SELECT to exit a level.
This works on all Donkey Kong Country/Land games!
Extra Lives On the Game Selection screen, hold RIGHT or LEFT in front of the game you wish to play on, then press A, A, B, B. You should hear a chime if you did this right.
Harder Levels After you collect all 40 DK coins. go to the second Captain K. Rool in the Lost World and beat him. When you beat him there should be a screen that shows Mario, Yoshi, and Diddy.
The Lost World If you collect all 47 Klemcoins you can visit the Lost World. When you have all of the coins, go to the guy with the humongus club. Give him the coins, and he will let you into the Lost World. If you beat Captain K. Rool again you will see the real ending.

DKL3 FAQ by Earthshaker
Bonus Level Go to the Cape Codswallop's level "Total Rekoil." When you start, DO NOT MOVE. Instead jump into the air towards the left to enter a bonus level.
Extra Coins Go to Cape Codswallop's "Lift Shaft Lottery" and go left to get the bear coin. Exit the level (press Pause, then press Select) then re-enter and get the code again. Repeat as desired.
Note: this only works after you have completed this level.
Extra Lives Cape Codswallop:Go to the "Total Recoil" level of Cape Codswallop. When you get to the bonus stage with the 1-up and bouncing kremlin grab the 1-up and kill yourself to get out of the bonus stage. Repeat.
Great Ape Lakes In Great Ape Lakes, Karbine Kaos playing as Dixie Kong. When you get to the barrel where you get shot up from, keep going to the right until there is a big space with Dixie's helicopter. Continue as the helicopter until you see where another big space meets the first one. Do the same thing and you'll see an extra life balloon. Use the helicopter to catch it.
Infinite Lives On the title screen,push: Down, Down, Up, Left, and Right on the control pad.
NOTE: The code will not work in Time Attack.
Matching Card Game At the title screen, push: Up, Up, Down, Left, Right If you entered the code correctly, you should hear a sound effect. When you go to start the game, instead of going to the file select screen, you will be starting a round of the card-matching game usually played at the Sheepy Shop. After a round, whether you win or lose, you return to the title screen. Repeat the code in order to play again.
Reset To reset the game, hold Start + Select and press A + B simultaneously.
This code works on ALL gameboy games!
Special Coin In many levels there is a funny looking dog that can not hurt you but will bounce you back. To receive the coin from him find a steel barrel and throw it BEHIND him. The barrel will bounce of a wall and kill him giving you a special coin!

DONKEY KONG 64 (Nintendo 64)
DK 64 FAQ by Master Vega
Why can't I get into the Kong Battle (multiplayer) option on the Main menu?
You must collect at least one Crown in the Adventure (single player) game to open this option.
Where is the Donkey Kong arcade game?
The Donkey Kong Arcade Game is in the Frantic Factory, beneath Chunky's cell.
Can I play Donkey Kong and JetPac from the Main menu?
Yes. Once you have found the Nintendo Coin, the Rareware Coin and at least six Banana Fairies, you can play both games from the Mystery Menu.
What do I do on the DK dirt piles?
Once you learn the Shock Wave, use it while standing on a DK Dirt Pile to get a Rainbow Coin.