Do the Donkey Kong

by Buckner & Garcia

Do the Donkey Kong

The 70's had Disco Duck, the 80's had Pac-Man Fever, the 90's had Barbie Girl, and the 00's had I Am Your Gummy Bear. So what about the 10's? Who knows… The Pac-Man Fever album had 8 songs about popular arcade games including Do the Donkey Kong.

Tracks from Pac-Man Fever

All the tracks from the album.

  1. Pac-Man Fever
  2. Froggy's Lament
  3. Ode to a Centipede
  4. Do the Donkey Kong
  5. Hyperspace
  6. The Defender
  7. Mousetrap
  8. Goin' Berzerk


Here are samples from the Pac-Man Fever Album soundtrack (they are not the full tracks).

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Wave your hands in the air, stomp your feet on the ground,
Climb up a ladder quickly and spin yourself around.
Open the umbrella up and answer the phone,
You can do it with a partner, you can do it all alone.

Scale up the walls, how high can you go?
You'll surely break her heart, if you get up there too slow.
Pound upon your chest and take an elevator ride.
You get up at the top and then you look from side to side.

Come on, come on!
Come on, Come on!
Do the Donkey Kong!
Do the Donkey Kong!
Come on, come on!
Come on, Come on!
Do the Donkey Kong!
Do the Donkey Kong!

Tiptoe through the tulips and then raise your hands up high!
There's a fire down below and you don't want to catch his eye.
Hide behind a each other and don't even make a sound.
You're in trouble now take the elevator down.

Jump over all the barrels and then let out a little scream.
Duck underneath the pies made of coconut cream.
You pick the hammer up and them you put the fire out.
Now we think you know what Donkey Kong is all about.

Chorus x3