Donkey Kong Country TV Series

Aired: 1998-2000 donkey kong country tv show donkey kong country cast

The show uses similar graphics to the first DKC game, because there is not hair, only textures of it, and has live actors in suits to capture movement which is used for the characters. Most of the characters are from the first game, except Dixie, and Bluster who was never in a game. The show also has 2 original songs per episode, which really is kind of irritating. The setting is Kongo Bongo Island and not DK Island (I believe they're the same just different names).

DKC characters
Donkey Kong  
Candy She doesn't look like the one from the game.
Funky Has a cool Carribean accent. And is blonde-ish in color.
Bluster Irritating ape with a mustache.
King K. Rool  
Krusha Average strong dumb guy.
Kritter They use a lot of these reptiles for enforcement.