Donkey Kong Games

Game & Watches
Game Model # Type Released
Donkey Kong dk-52 Multi Screen June 3, 1982
Donkey Kong Jr. dj-101 Wide Screen Oct. 26, 1982
Donkey Kong II jr-55 Multi Screen March 7, 1983
Donkey Kong Jr. cj-71 Tabletop April 28, 1983
Donkey Kong Jr. cj-93 Panorama Oct. 7, 1983
Donkey Kong 3 ak-302 Micro VS. Aug. 20, 1984
Donkey Kong Circus mk-96 Panorama Sept. 1984
Donkey Kong Hockey hk-303 Micro VS. Nov. 12, 1984

Thanks to Andy Cole's Games and Mikael Carlsson's Game & Watch Collection (which is unfortunately no longer online) for the images and information on Game & Watch handhelds.

Coleco Tabletops
Game Released
Donkey Kong 1982
Donkey Kong Jr. 1983

Wristwatch Games
Game Released
Wristwatch 1994

Mini Classics
Game Released
Donkey Kong (Multi Screen) 1998
Donkey Kong Jr. 1998