Donkey Kong Hockey (hk303)

Donkey Kong Hockey

November 1984

DONKEY KONG HOCKEY is a new type of game you can play either by yourself (vs. the computer) or vs. a competitior.
Game A is a one-player game (you vs. computer), and Game B is a two-player game (you vs. a competitor).

Control Buttons

  • Controller 1, operates Mario.
  • Controller 2, operates Donkey Kong
  • HIT button, press to hit ball with hockey stick. Swinging at the ball will result in a fast, straight shot. No swing (block) will result in a waek, slow shot. The closer the shot to the goal, the harder (faster) the shot.
  • PLUS button, press to move players left/right/ and up/down.
Game Screen Display
  • REFEREE, to prevent slow-play a referee will occasionally appear. The ball will bounce off the referee
  • "CRAZY" Spots, if the ball passes through these spots, it will speed up and change cource.
  • BALL, the ball will bounce and change cource upon hitting a side line, referee or stick. "Crazy" spots will cause the ball to speed up and change cource.
How To Play
Donkey Kong and Mario are playing hockey!! The object is to score goals against the opponent. Look out for the refereee and "Crazy Spots" that make playing Donkey Kong Hockey a wild game!!

Game A

  • Game A is a one-player game, you vs. computer.
  • Operate Mario with Controller 1 (right). Donkey Kong is computer controlled.
  • When game A key is pressed, the max. straight winning record is displayed. When released, the game starts.
  • One point is scored for each goal.
  • The first to score ten points wins the game.
  • Game is over if Donkey Kong wins.

Game B
Game B is a two-player game. Operate Mario with Controller 1 (right) and Donkey Kong with Controller 2 (left). The first player to score ten points wins.

How to advance in game
A skilled player will posess good timing as well as a knowledge of "Crazy" spots and their effects on the ball.

  • (Note) HC-303 has no handicap games.
Pause Function
A one-player game (Game A) can be paused by pressing HIT button on Controller 2 (left).
The Pause is released automatically after about four minutes. To release earlier, press HIT button on controller 1 (right)

All mode keys, (Game A, Game B, TIME, ALARM, and ACL) can be operated during a game. With these pressed, a game is terminated automatically. If no keys are pressed within four minutes during a game, the TIME mode is reset automatically (except during Pause in Game A).

Thanks to Andy Cole's Games and Mikael Carlsson's Game & Watch Collection (which is unfortunately no longer online) for the images and information on Game & Watch handhelds.